Series: Wild LA

Take Two – 5/7/13

If you live in Los Angeles, you may be familiar with the large population of coyotes that lives in the area. Living near coyotes requires some extra precautions (like keeping pets indoors), but there are some things you can’t prepare for. Jed Kim brings us this report from the wilds of Los Angeles.

Take Two – 5/8/13

Now for the second in our series on wild animals in Los Angeles. First, Jed Kim examined how we’re dealing with a growing coyote population. Now, he looks at what that growth means for the age-old struggle between Coyotes and Roadrunners.

Mountain Lion
Take Two – 5/9/13

They’re known by many names: cougar, puma, panther. Whatever you call them, there’s no bigger cat in California than the mountain lion. But being the top predator is no guarantee of success, especially as the human population grows. Studies have shown that humans are the main cause of death for Southern California’s mountain lions. Researchers are tracking the lions to see how we can change that, but first they need to catch them. Reporter Jed Kim went to the Santa Ana Mountains near Murrieta to join a capture attempt.

Latte art
Take Two – 11/21/12

If you are a coffee drinker, you may have noticed a growing trend: latte art. It’s when baristas pour steamed white milk on top of the dark brown espresso in such a way that it leaves designs on the top of your drink. It takes a lot of skill to pull off, and now it’s become a competition amongst top baristas. Jed Kim has more.

NHL lockout
Marketplace Morning Report – 11/20/12

Players and owners are expected to meet this morning to try and bring an end to the 66-day-old National Hockey League lockout. If they don’t work things out and there’s no season, it would be another setback for a sport that’s still feeling the impact of a canceled season eight years ago. It’ll also be a missed opportunity for one hockey town in particular. Jed Kim brings us this report from the city of angels.

Take Two – 11/20/12

It’s fair to say LA has not been a hockey town. Fans here have been all about the Lakers and the Dodgers and have had little love leftover for the Kings. But when the team won the Stanley Cup last year, fans here learned to embrace the sport.

But what’s happened to all that excitement now that the NHL season is in its second month of the lockout? Jed Kim brings us this report.

Series: Not in the Olympics 

Dragon boat racing
The Madeleine Brand Show – 7/27/12

The Olympics begin tonight in London, and along with the big events like track and field, swimming and gymnastics are some more esoteric sports: trampoline, badminton, 25-meter rapid-fire pistol shooting

All of this got contributor Jed Kim wondering about other weird sports. He kicks off a series on lesser-known endeavors in Southern California. His first piece focuses on an often overlooked water sport: dragon boat racing.

The Madeleine Brand Show – 7/31/12

During the games, our contributor Jed Kim is investigating some unusual and not-so-well-known sports activities, and he’s trying them out. Today Jed becomes a warrior.

Bike Polo
The Madeleine Brand Show – 8/6/12

We’ve been using the Olympics as an excuse to try out sports that are so unusual they are really far from qualifying as Olympic events. Today our contributor Jed Kim introduces us to bike polo.

Go Kart Grand Prix
The Madeleine Brand Show – 8/10/12

Over the last couple of weeks we’ve hearing about some lesser-known Southern California sports from our contributor Jed Kim. Today he takes us for one last ride … on a go kart.

Series: Dream Jobs

The Madeleine Brand Show – March 22, 2012

For the past few years, it’s been hard to get any job, but what about those jobs everyone dreams about – the ones we said we wanted to be when we were kids? Our first story is a favorite career choice for many kids — becoming a fireman. It’s a tough job. And before you can even apply, you’ve got to jump through a lot of hoops. Literally. Reporter Jed Kim went to meet some people just starting the process.

Olympic Archer
The Madeleine Brand Show – April 9, 2012

In our Dream Jobs series, we showcase people who have the jobs we coveted as kids. For most of us, life got in the way. Then there are people such as Joe Fanchin.

Fanchin is the 4th-ranked archer in the U.S. and is pursuing his dream of Olympic gold. With the London Olympics just a few months away, our Dream Jobs reporter Jed Kim went down to Chula Vista to watch Fanchin in action.

Running away to join Cirque du Soleil
The Madeleine Brand Show – May 1, 2012

Here’s a classic response when things get rough: running away to join the circus. But as reporter Jed Kim discovered, getting that job these days isn’t so easy.

The Madeleine Brand Show – June 11, 2012

SpaceX recently made history after its Dragon capsule splashed down safely in the ocean. It was the first commercial vehicle ever to dock at the International Space Station. It’s sparked all sorts of discussion about the future of space travel. What does it mean for people who want to be astronauts? Jed Kim went to find out.

“Cosplay in America” opens at the ICON
The Madeleine Brand Show – October 31, 2011

“Cosplay in America” is a new art exhibit dedicated to the practice of cosplay – short for costume play. The trend took off in Japan, where fans would dress in elaborate costumes as their favorite characters from Japanese anime cartoons. Jed Kim reports on its growing popularity here in the states.

Mentoring program for children of prisoners comes to an end
The Madeleine Brand Show – September 30, 2011

More than a million children in America have at least one parent in prison. Those kids face a lot of challenges – forming healthy relationships with adults is one of them. For the last eight years, the federal government has funded a program that pairs these children with mentors. But funding for the program was eliminated earlier this year and runs out Friday. Jed Kim reports from San Diego.

Carmageddon brings peace to 405 adjacent homeowner
The Madeleine Brand Show – July 18, 2011

Theresa Jackson and her family have lived next to the 405 for 15 years. So, when the 405 shut down this weekend, the family was privy to a rare event: silence. Jed Kim has more.

Skating to an Arena Near You: Men’s Roller Derby
NPR’s Weekend Edition Sunday – September 12, 2010

In the world of roller derby, women rule. There are more than 400 women’s teams in the U.S. alone, with thousands of skaters. Now, men are getting into the game. About 30 men’s teams have sprung up in the past few years, and some of those men will go to great lengths to play.