(Photo by Rebecca Hill)

I knew I was considering pitching a story on coyotes, and then the thought occurred, “Wait, are there roadrunners here?”

There are, but they’re mostly in the desert. I asked environmental biologist Dan Cooper to help me find some in the wild. My rules was that it had to be in LA County, and I had to see one myself.

The rules kind of went to hell. While roadrunners used to be all over Los Angeles, development had pushed them to very isolated spots. We went to the Satwiwa Recreation Area in Ventura County to try to see one.

Here’s the story of our attempt:

The story aired on KPCC’s “Take Two” today. Since I went out and reported this story, wildfires have ravaged 28-thousand acres in the area. It’s kind of sad to think that the one place roadrunners have left was burned. Hopefully they’ll be ok.


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