In reporting this series of stories, I’ve been ok with the idea that I’d look like an idiot trying out all these sports for the first time. I’m not a natural athlete – oh god am I not a natural athlete. Still, of all the ones I tried, nothing made me look quite as ridiculous as bike polo.

I tried to convey how bad I was in my story, but really, nothing can do it justice. You had to be there. Had you been, you probably would’ve walked off disgusted. My girlfriend was there helping me out by taking photographs and videos (none of which I will post), and it’s amazing that we’re still together – such was my lack of basic motor skill.

The thing that makes it really difficult is that everyone else made it look so effortless. They can zoom forward, pull a 180, and shoot the ball between their wheels – all while dodging hits from other players. I couldn’t ride the length of the court without putting my foot down.

Anyway, here’s the story:


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